11月20日(土)、「KAGAWA INTERNATIONAL ART COMPETITON」の表彰式が高松市美術館にて開催されました。第一回の昨年に続き、第二回目となる今回も本校は協賛を務め、優秀者への賞品のお米を提供させて頂きました。

The award ceremony for "KAGAWA INTERNATIONAL ART COMPETITON" has been held at the Takamatsu City Museum of Art on Saturday, November 20th. Continuing from the first year last year, this time, the second time, our school also served as a sponsor and provided rice as a prize to the best performers.


This event is divided into a plane section, a three-dimensional section, a photography section, and a group three-dimensional section, and foreigners living in Kagawa Prefecture are eligible to apply. Many wonderful works were exhibited this time as well, such as beautiful landscape photographs of Kagawa that Japanese people do not notice, and works depicting the difficulty of living in a foreign country during COVID-19.


The submitted works will be exhibited in the free space of JICA Shikoku until November 30th, so please come and visit us.



2021年度日本入国のご案内|Information on entering Japan in 2021


【English translation】

November 17, 2021

To all Japanese language school officials
To all international students and parents
Anabuki College Group
President Tadatsugu Anabuki

Information on entering Japan in 2021

We would like to thank you for your continued health in the early winter. On Friday, the 5th of last week, the Japanese government has announced guidelines for entering Japan. Unfortunately, waiting-list international students will not be able to enter Japan all at once from next month. Students who have not entered Japan in April 2020 will be accepted from this December in the order of issuance of the Certificate of Eligibility. In principle, international students are required to wait for 14 days after entering Japan, and even if they present the vaccination certificate designated by the Japanese Government, they are required to wait for 10 days. We would like to respond as follows.

Very truly yours


(1) Flow of entering Japan
Admission Time
Scheduled to apply to the MEXTScheduled to apply for a visa to a Japanese Embassy abroadScheduled to enter JapanScheduled to start face-to-face classAdmission course
2020 Apr. Intake12th Nov. Late Nov.Mid Dec.Early Jan.1.5 year
2020 Oct. Intake1st Dec.Mid DecemberLate Dec.Mid Jan.1.5 year
2021 Apr. Intake4th Jan.  Mid JanuaryLate Jan.Early Feb.1.5 year
2021 Oct. Intake1st Feb.Mid FebruaryLate Feb.Early Mar.1.5 year

* 1 It is time of admission that was originally planned.
* 2 A one-year course is applied to Caregiver Scholarship Program students enrolled in April 2021.
* 2 2-year course is applied to Students enrolled in April 2021 who have already taken online classes.

(2) Students enrolled in the April and October 2020 intake will enter Japan by the end of this year, start face-to-face classes in January, and plan to graduate from the 1.5-year course in March 2023.

(3) Students enrolled in the April and October 2021 intake who have not taken online classes will be offered online classes for two to three months from December to entering Japan. Please pay the tuition fee. They will graduate from the 1.5-year course in March 2023.

(4) About waiting costs after entering Japan. Students who have paid the dormitory fee will wait 14 days in the dormitory. The cost burden for students is about 15,000 yen for food.

Students who have not paid the dormitory fee will wait 14 days at the hotel. Students will pay about 60,000 yen for hotel and food.

The amount of food and hotel waiting costs varies depending on each campus (Takamatsu campus, Fukuyama campus, Tokushima campus).

(5) The airport where we can pick up students is Kansai International Airport. Since public transportation is not available, students will be responsible for the cost of traveling from the airport to each campus when arriving at another international airport.

(6) We recommend that you enter Japan when you can. The new coronavirus infection (COVID-19) may spread again.

End of document